Operating in the Aegean Free Zone since early 1992, Omega Elektronik A.Ş. channelled its experience and knowledge gained in the field of designing and manufacturing electronic devices over a period longer than two decades to the development and production of LED light fixtures in 2013.

Light sources used for artificial illumination are very effective on the quality of life and work during day and of sleep at night.  UV (ultraviolet) beams is hazardous for human beings. Invisible flickers in many lighting fixtures may cause dangerous and unwanted reactions in sensitive people in addition to risks of accidents resulting from poor vision. People's health and safety are, therefore, the number one consideration in light fixtures designed by Omega. Purple and blue light components, which cause stress during day and make it difficult to sleep at night, have been reduced in Omega's indoor LED light fixtures. Omega only uses LEDs with 0 (zero) UV component in order to avoid risk of cancer caused by UV light beams. Light flicker ratio in light fixtures designed by Omega is below the permitted level in the United States. 

LED light fixtures can provide up to 95 % energy saving as compared to conventional artificial sources of light. To increase energy efficiency, Omega's experienced R&D team use LEDs of highest quality for designing LED light fixtures while meticulously designing all components, including driver circuit, lenses, reflectors, and glasses to create perfect light fixtures consisting of the most efficient components provided by state-of-the-art technology.

Yellowing problem observed in the diffusers of light fixtures has been addressed by Omege by only using PMMA Poly (methyl methacrylate) in all optic components. Alternative materials pose a potential risk to human health because of their Bisphenol A content in addition to lower light efficiency and yellowing over time. PMMA does not contain Bisphenol A.

One of the major problems with indoor light fixtures is their contamination as a result of bug infiltration over time, which degrades their appearance and quality of light. Omega ensures real IP54 protection in indoor light fixtures and manufactures fixtures that will remain clean and efficient for years.


While LED light fixtures should theoretically have the longest useful life, they fail before the expiry of their useful life due to the short useful life of the driver circuit in many cases. Omega has one of the best R&D teams in Europe in terms of designing SMPS (switch mode power supply) driver circuits. With a high efficiency over 90% and their anticipated useful lives over 10 years, Omega driver circuits guarantee a real useful life longer than 10 years for any light fixture.

After completion of their designing process, all Omega LED light fixtures are measured at Omega's optic laboratory before they are put in the market with true illumination values. Data sets provided for lighting designers permit a reliable computerized calculation and verification (simulation) of the results of the application.

Omega's lead-free production techniques and processes, which Omega has been applying to its fixtures for years in accordance with European standards and controlled by rigid rules, permit it to keep the possibility of failure at very low levels. LED light fixtures manufactured by Omega offer uninterrupted services to their users for years not only thanks to their design quality, but also its advanced production technique. 

Omega also carries out projects with a view to developing solutions for smart lighting systems. Thus, aside from comfortable lighting, energy saving in buildings and cities is way ahead of that to be provided by the most efficient fixtures.

With its experienced and innovative R&D team and unique production technology, Omega extends the known boundaries of technique in order to offer light fixtures providing lighting of high quality, higher energy saving, and a longer useful life to users at the best price.

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